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Online Custom Exercise Programming

  • Ended
  • 200 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

I can help you achieve your goals whether it is strength, muscle building, weight loss, strongman, powerlifting, calisthenics, off season bodybuilding, nutrition for bulking (muscle and strength gain) or cutting (fat loss while keeping as much strength and muscle as possible), cardio, or getting in general shape or fitness. Get a Stronger Bench Press, Standing or Seated Overhand Press, Conventional Deadlift, Barbell Rows, Incline Bench Press, Decline Bench Press, Sumo Deadlift, Back Squat High Bar or Low Bar, Front Squat, Specialty Bar Squat, Barbell Curls. Barbell, Dumbbell, Smith machine on each exercise. Do more pushups, pullups, dips, handstand pushups, pistol squats, Nordic curls, glute ham raises. Bodyweight or weighted. Become able to do planche pushups and front lever pullups and work on the progressions. Get a bigger chest, bigger arms, bigger and leaner legs (quads, hamstrings), bigger calves, bigger glutes aka butt even for the ladies, bigger shoulders, bigger traps, bigger neck, bigger back and lats, bigger forearms, and stronger grip, get ripped abs and a stronger core and lower back. Custom nutrition tips based on budget, what you are able to eat, what you like to eat, recipes, flexible cheat meals. Eat to lose fat or gain mass and strength. I give custom programming tailored to your goals.

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