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World's Strongest Teenager

"Eric you just totalled over 2000lbs raw and beat the national teenage record or total coefficient, what will you pull for your 3rd attempt deadlift?" Not exact words but similar.

Eric said "I don't know. Dad?"

That moment before the 3rd attempt deadlift where history was made in powerlifting these were Eric Lilliebridge's words and what played on his mind.

Eric Lilliebridge was the first teenager in history to total over 2000lbs raw with knee wraps and no single ply or multi ply gear.

Eric Lilliebridge was also the first teenager to deadlift 800lbs raw in a powerlifting meet.

Then Eric revealed later advice from you and Ed Coan was to take 800lbs for the 3rd attempt deadlift for that 2065lbs raw total being the first ever teenager to total 2000lbs and over raw.

Before was Mark Henry over 2000lbs single ply. Then that Andrew King I had beef with broke it first with 2100lbs.

Andrew King got severely injured doesn't lift anymore. Part of being that strong.

Andrew Hause at his last meet as a teenager almost became the strongest pound for pound teenager. He was competing at 242lbs at 19 years old and totaled 2050lbs raw with wraps.

Andrew Hause would have broken Eric Lilliebridge's teenage 2065lbs raw with wraps at 242lbs that Eric did as a light 275lbs.

Andrew Hause lost his 3rd attempt deadlift of 360kg/793lbs so he was the strongest pound for pound but failed to beat Eric's 2065lbs at 19 years old.

Andrew Hause since then broke Eric Lilliebridge's 308lb weight class raw with wraps all time world record total.

Jackson Powell since did 2100lbs at 18 in sleeves I think it was 2100lbs I'm not sure but has the highest sleeved total as a teen.

Squatted 904lbs/410kg. Has a weak bench relative. Not built to deadlift so not crazy but has crazy leg drive due to his sheer leg strength freakish but not built to lock out a deadlift.

Eric was well rounded and had a physique of a bodybuilder with almost no weak points.

Also Eric would have easily been a 600s to mid 600s bencher in a full meet if not for his pec tears but when you are willing to push your body beyond what anyone physically thought was ever possible you have to risk catastrophic injuries.

Maxon Shetar also totaled 2000lbs in sleeves at 19 years old as a teen and has the heaviest deadlift done in competition as a teen of 804lbs Conventional. Drug free as well. Just over 300lbs and fat with muscle.

Since then Liam Newell had the heaviest deadlift done as a teen in competition. Did 844lbs at 181lbs at 19 years old. However it was sumo which is a less feat of strength than conventional and Liam Newell is very strong but a circus lifter with just a freak deadlift.

Liam Newell also is a strong squatter and a strong bencher especially for his age and size.

Also would have done over 700lbs conventional but what for he competes and needs the highest total possible.

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