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THIS WILL MOTIVATE YOU TO ACHIEVE GOALS: Natural Lifter Dominates Steroid Sport and Industry

Shoutout to Alex Leonidas for this video about Natural Strength Standards and showing examples of natural Lifters who lifted numbers thought impossible naturally. Also numbers 99% of steroid users haven't lifted. Alex has done great expanding the natural lifting community and what is possible naturally with good information out there. As myself and many others we see more.

As for me being natural for 17 plus years. I read bodybuilding magazines since I was 12 years old. Seeing Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Branch Warren, etc.

At 13 years old I saw wwe freaks like Bobby Lashley, Batista, John Cena.

Mark Henry was the first strongest man I've ever seen. Read in a WWE magazine in 2006 he squatted around 900lbs, deadlift 903lbs, bench press 585lbs.

I couldn't fathom anyone being that strong. 14 years old I started high school and saw worlds strongest man. Also early YouTube.

First YouTube video I saw that stuck was extremist pullup aka Steve Proto do a 186lb weighted pullup and also one arm pullups.

Then planche pushups and 90 degree pushups from others now it blew up in strength world. Seeing Derek Poundstone do 800lbs for 9 reps with a nasty hitch the 9th rep.

Seeing teenagers stupid strong benching 405lbs at 16 Raw. Squatting 600lbs bare knee. This all was 2006 to 2010. Got into calisthenics at 16 after training since I was 14. Goal was to just break the all time world record in every calisthenics exercise known to man and do them weighted eventually. Followed Bruce Lee workout and lifestyle and philosophies. I did taekwondo in high school so it fit.

Wanted to build up to the workload of herschel walker calisthenics. And have his physique. Politics aside dude was a unit.

I found powerlifting 2009. Saw Westside Barbell. Read about Greg Panora, Matt Kroc, Donnie Thompson.

Summer 2009 I saw Eric Lilliebridge on YouTube. Saw him squat 750lbs high bar belt and wraps and 630lbs in just a belt bare knee, bench press 510lbs, Conventional Deadlift 800lbs. He was 18 years old and 258lbs and built like a complete tank especially for an 18 year old. I realized that's what I wanted to chase if I came close.

I saw George Leeman, Chris Hickson R.I.P I was trying to catch up to his deadlifts, Pete Rubish I was trying to catch up, Ben Seath who was levels ahead of me especially in squats. Ernie Lilliebridge JR and Ernie Lilliebridge Sr dominating the world records and befriending both.

Goal was to chase them all. As a natty goal was to truly reach my natural limit then juice and take all the records. Before usapl took over I saw naturals kill it. Naturals like Matt Sohmer who was the first teen to squat 800lbs Raw bare knee in a meet.

Boris Terry one arm chinups and strong at everything massive dude.

LaRodrick Duncan possibly the strongest true natural out there and hit a 700lbs double overhand no hook grip deadlift.

Joseph Brooks being a hard working freak athlete with freak muscle density and leanness and highly intelligent.

Devon Palumbo the best true natural bodybuilder.

LittleBeastM was the Eric Lilliebridge of the calisthenics world for me. My age and a prodigy and pretty much the best ahead of his time. LittleBeastM mastered planche pushups and did them weighted, did handstand pushups and them weighted, Front lever pullups, weighted pullups, weighted dips, one arm pullups. He weighed 220lbs and had an extremely jacked upper body with big shoulders. Had 19 inch arms mostly muscle. All from calisthenics.

I just wanted to reach their level and be the best at all costs no matter what one was taking. I kept hearing I would never lift a certain weight or a natural will never be better than a steroid user. There are many naturals better than steroid users. Doesn't stop me. I have done everything. I still have more fight in me and making progress.

Below is my strongest lifts so far achieved lifetime natural. More than 50 percent of steroid users will achieve their whole lives.

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