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The Real "Fitness" in the Fitness Industry

Most people just want to see freaks.

Most people want to see people or athletes who are the best or never done before.

The common person doesn't think they take steroids or even know what a steroid is medically to the extent they don't know what testosterone is.

Deeper than that a shoulder press and a bench press people don't know the difference.

Most people will never take steroids even in the industry.

A small minority of people truly follow the hardcore fitness industry which is not fitness by the way.

Quote on quote "fitness."

Take steroids and PEDs, do recreational drugs, and/or have questionable diets or lifestyle choices yet they preach "fitness" or 'wanting to be healthy."

Even as a natural the only thing that you do is not take steroids but still have questionable lifestyle, eat foods you are not supposed to, some cases fat, injured back and forth.

If you are natural doing this you are not healthy either especially if you look like Shamu or do recreational drugs as a twig.

There is a difference between maximum performance, maximum body composition and muscle mass, and actual fitness and what it takes to get there.

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