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The Bully & Insecure Exercise World is Why People with Muscle & Strength Have a Negative Reputation

Updated: Feb 27

This tough guy bad behavior is why the fitness industry will never go mainstream. The public associates people with big muscles or strength to be violent and insecure people who treat people who are not strong or stronger than them like insubordinates. Straight up bullies.

These are strong people physically with talent but bad behavior. A lot of other people with strength and muscle are not necessarily bullies but half of them look down on you for not being as strong or muscular as them. Some people with muscle and strength actually are nice people who help others and don't look down on others for being weaker or less muscular.

Some people with strength and muscle are not bullies. The whole industry in general even so called role models are necessarily bullies all the time but can be toxic or just mean spirited or look down on you unless you are also great or good or better. If you don't do what they do or approve their lifestyle they treat you like shit even if you are not bashing them or talking down to them.

They make it about them or at times put words in your mouth. You can truly look up to few of these people and to few people in general. Most people work on their craft but give little to no effort on working on their personality flaws without thinking they are right all the time. People are quick to disrespect others.

Not just the lifting world. Conventional school, work, hobbies, life. People need to do better and respect one another. Stop being insecure and if you don't like something about yourself and someone else has it don't be mean to that person for having it.

Work on bettering yourself. If something is not going well don't find an easy target to abuse and have life be hell because you are unhappy. Get help and find a support system or hobby to make you happy.

If you are better than someone don't look down on others who are struggling help out and if they still don't get it respectfully pull away. If they are disrespectful when you are helping them then it's justified but still try to be the bigger person.

It's one thing to be successful at your craft or work or trade or education, personal development, considering other people's feelings, respecting others, talking to people and treating people with respect, actually wanting people to do well and not feeling insecure and being a jerk to those who are better than you at something or don't have what you have.

I am not insecure at all even though I have muscle and strength. I don't think I am better than someone for being stronger or more muscle than them. I don't hate or get jealous of people who are more successful than me even if they are less deserving in my opinion but if someone is happy and accomplished something you should be happy for them whether they deserve it or not.

My flaws is I definitely don't do enough or nearly anything to stop abuse or bad thing happening between other people unless I truly feel in my ability that I can express it and tell the person to f off.

I feel like I let people be disrespectful to others because I know I won't change it and if I attempt it they will be set in their ways and give an excuse. Why is that because few times some make attempt and there is someone always making an excuse of why someone should be bullied.

But when I don't sound like a dumbass and I truly have the power to I would make some attempt but I wish I can do it all the time. Other flaws is I can lash out at people when I get angry and it takes a lot to make me angry and you have to truly be mean to me or mean to me first. I can also be mean to those who are mean to me and not have love in my heart to those who treated me poorly or talked down to me.

Nobody will ever be perfect but even more than material objects it starts with how we truly treat one another and wipe out hatred and insecurity and be more respectful to those different than us.

Different opinion we are entitled to as nobody is the same but at the same time a hateful opinion that causes abuse and a divide and hatred is never acceptable. Just because you are brought up to hate from experiences and bad parents and friend and town and school experiences doesn't mean you should say hateful things to people opposite to what you believe.

That will make them feel bad and incite anger and violence. We have to learn to yes even with our differences treat each other with respect and respect our feelings and not only think of ourselves and consider other people which though I am selfless and like to help others even go out of my way to help others before myself I can definitely be selfish. Anyway this is on my mind.

Love for one another is the greatest feeling and respect is what we all deserve to be treated with regardless of credentials.

-Tobi Alder

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