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Teens & Adults Who Want to Take Steroids & Get Into The Bodybuilding Life: What They Don't Tell You

Updated: Feb 27

If you are a teen or adult who wants to build muscle and strength, you at first likely want to build the destination body of your dreams fast. You also want to build strength fast. Get that big bench press you can brag to your buddies about when they ask: "How much do ya bench?" Yet most of those people don't even know what a bench press means they are just asking for pop culture.

You then get to a point where you want the competitive edge over your opponents or to make the team or go pro. You either want to do well naturally. Or you want to accelerate results and have a higher chance of dominating your sport. Any competitive or strength sport you are there to win. Or you don't compete but compete against yourself and want to build the best body you desire or be strong for yourself or protection or job. The decision is to take steroids and PEDs for more potential opportunity that is also short lived. Or be lifetime natural who will potentially be successful for the longest amount of time and have longevity with few people still thinking you take steroids to discredit what you have done by calling out your integrity if you are actually being honest or being a legitimate good natural who makes it but a more impressive steroid user will always be more impressive. If being the best by all means necessary is for you, the average person taking steroids is logical. But before you decide you want to do this for the rest of your life, know the consequences and know what you are getting into. Know you truly want to do this for the rest of your life and for yourself and do your research and know all the risks and don't blindly start cycling.

Also I personally believe you should wait until you built a natural base which takes more than 10 years and learned the ins and outs of training before you even consider taking steroids. And yes TRT when you are older can give you prostate cancer and other medical issues if you have predisposed medical conditions. It's just that they are therapeutic and relatively low doses of steroids to take. TRT and HRT are just not abusive amounts of steroids but they still can be problematic if not careful.

TRT is used medically mostly for those with crippling low testosterone especially if you have low libido and want to have children because you are shooting blanks. Or if you were already abusing steroids long enough and never went off cycle or did a proper PCT or blast and cruise cycles and stayed on cycle for so many years, you would have such low testosterone that they will almost never get back to normal levels or it might take a very long time. Maybe months or more. I don't know that much about the testosterone level since besides basic knowledge so I won't go into detail on that.

However if you truly want to use steroids, TRT, HRT, or any PED (performance enhancing drug), be my guest. Just know what you are getting into and also whatever people do with their bodies is their own business anyway just don't harm others. If you want to harm yourself that's your right. Or take risk for opportunity that is the name of the game however. The decisions you make is a double edged sword. Play it safe and potentially not make it or live a boring relatively unsuccessful life which you may still be happy with and the smartest way for most. Or risk it all and be a work horse who has to make some hard decisions yet either not be successful or be larger than life or live the larger than life lifestyle.

Steroids have been invented in 1939 firstly for the intentions of the German army to make their soldiers more powerful during World War II. Since they got used in medicine they entered sports and the mainstream and including bodybuilding and other strength sports and even Hollywood. They were legal and not a crime or demonized until the 90s where it became illegal. Before then people were open about their use and it was an everyday thing. In sports since, the main way to beat records in a saturated field where people want to be the best. You most likely have to use steroids.

Not to say you can't do great things naturally because you can. It just takes longer and more knowledge. Even if you are the best or great no steroid use there will always be a steroid freak who will be better than you and make more money and accomplish more and at the end of the day impress the crowd more. Even if the public demonizes steroids due to lack of education they in general don't know that most of their heroes take some sort of PED and even in the world of PEDs very few ever be champion.

Also the drugs and alcohol is somehow glorified and often by the same steroid haters. Drugs and alcohol the amount of peer pressure and not having a mind of your own it takes to do it and if you don't in a social group you are somehow a square or uncool. Also like steroids, drugs and alcohol can be used safely especially if you have little to know predisposed medical condition and most steroid users do it to be the best and drug and alcohol people either did it to be like everyone else or they just had interest. Either way we have our own reasons for doing things and to each their own and whatever people do with their bodies is their own business as long as you don't abuse others.

It's the I want it fast and I want it now mentality. Most people aren't patient. They want to look like the gym shark guys. They want the girls who they don't even have to lift to get anyway just have confidence and social skills and not be insecure. They want fast strength without hiring a coach or learning how to train or having the patience to wait the years. Also lack of real role models and they want the fast and flashy dishonest life that appeals to most young people.

I met frat boys in college. Almost all the buff ones on steroids for girls. They look natural and are naturally achievable even in 3 to 5 years. Some barely benched 225lbs or almost none even squatted 315lbs for a set of 10 reps. Those are naturally achievable numbers even for 3 to 5 years of correct training for those with even below average genetics. One huge roid head all upper body he was at least honest and he even sold drugs to the frat boys and others in school he later stopped using and is no longer the muscleman he was in college. This is even typical with bodybuilders and elite lifters on steroids. They get big and strong and even world records for a while then they destroy themselves and nearly lose it all if not lost it all or most of it.

But Tobi? Why are you saying steroids are such a bad thing to invest your time and money in using? Well good question. Let me tell you why. Based on what I've observed through people I've known in person, lifters and athletes I know in person and the internet, and over a decade of being in the culture watching documentaries and educational footage and even databases on this expanding my knowledge on this subject. I am still learning more about my craft but I do have more knowledge on this topic than the average person.

Reasons Why Teens & Adults Should Not Take Steroids or Other PEDs and should stay natural:

  1. You can build a good body, strength, and any physical skill or be good at a sport as a natural:

  1. We aren't all freaks and some people are more gifted than others in either department.

b. With a good coach, willingness to learn, impeccable patience and discipline, internal drive to do this and actually will spend however long it takes to build strength or physique or build the skills to get good your sport, anything is possible. You can even beat out many to most of your steroid competition or even be the best at some point.

c. Check my previous article before this on Fake Natties, How to Build Strength and Muscle as a Nautral, and Body Dysmorphia for a complete guide to building muscle as a natural.

d. Even if you are good naturally, you still might not be good or world champion on steroids or PEDs. Good genetic reaction from drugs is genetics in itself. You can be so close to your natural limit that even with steroids you don't get that much better because steroids or not there is a ceiling.

2. If you don't have the money for steroids and PEDs, be prepared to sell your body for drugs:

a. If you are short on money for drugs and you are not selling them yourself, be prepared for most likely gay prostitution.

b. If you are truly not gay or homosexual whatsoever, this is beyond a living hell. But if you will do anything for money, just live the hustle I guess.

c. You will either have to do porn or gay porn to make the extra money, sell all kinds of drugs, do all types of jobs, work security jobs. Anything to make that extra money to pay for your steroids and PEDs. If it gets you closer to your goal whether it's that goal physique, lift, or becoming the best or your best at either a strength sport or athletic endeavour, the risk is worth the reward.

3. Be prepared for that one bad cycle that will either send you to the hospital, damage your health permanently leading your closer to mortality, or even kill you:

a. You will have many hospital trips if a cycle goes wrong.

b. Also blood tests are important to check your levels in case something goes over board and keep your levels in check and out of the danger zone especially for a long time.

c. Be prepared to pass out many times and maybe one time not get up

4. If you have predisposed medical conditions, they will come up faster:

a. A steroid is an androgen drug that is essentially testosterone.

b. Steroids are drugs that will weaken the immune system

c. If you have any medical condition in your family that either has killed your family member or you currently suffer from, be prepared to get it faster and die earlier than expected or live a lower quality of life

5. If you have any mental health disorder or any form of psychosis or anger management problems, then you don't have the temperament to take steroids:

a. There are a lot of people who are generally nice and chilled out people. Those same people under the influence or in a drugged out stupor can have unpleasant characteristics and demons that you never see unless they take drugs or in some certain situations.

b. If you are angry or intense or have any sort of demon inside your soul, be prepared to see either a hyper aggressive as*hole who will cuss you out and verbally annihilate you. Or a violent monster who would be quick to slam you down and be prepared to either get beaten or suffer paralysis. This is the roid rage the public talks about.

c. You are quicker to anger.

d. Whatever normal feeling you have, you feel it more.

e. Not to say some people not on steroids don't display these characteristics and aren't worse at some points because for the most part there are good people and bad people and each side of the spectrum have good traits and bad traits

f. After all steroids is a drug not only a medical drug that changes your hormones and body, but a mental drug.

g. You will be in mental pain, anguish, and turmoil that steroids will make worse and no amount of muscle, strength, sexual pleasure, money, or success will fix.

6. If you use steroids, as you can build relationships, be prepared to destroy a lot of relationships. Including those closest to you.

a. You will not appreciate those who were there for you at times.

b. You will be hard to deal with as you a steroid user will lash out at your loved ones, partners, and friends and hurt them physically and mentally.

c. You will lash out at your loved ones, friends, and partners verbally and maybe physically if not careful being abusive and all they did was care for you.

d. You will take people for granted.

e. By the time you find out and mature over the years and realize the world is not owed to you, you get injured and no longer are able to do what you dream of doing or relieves your stress, don't make it pro or to the destination, or made it big and accomplished it all, you later realize that relationships with your loved ones who truly loved you as you were slowly losing yourself and having the privilege to live the life you want to live and being blessed with the strength and power is not to be taken for granted.

f. This is why at the end of life you find out what is truly most important to you and this is what you find out as you get older and stay true to yourself and grow in all ways.

g. Also how you treat people and relationships and love including for one another and love for what you do or people who love you is what is needed in life

h. Life on earth is impermanent. We don't know when our time will be up. We don't know when we will no longer see our loved ones or know when our time with them will be limited. Appreciate them. Show appreciation. Tell them you love them not only through words but actions. Spend more time with them and talk to them any way you can.

Main Take Away:

1. If you want to take steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, know what you are getting into and don't blindly just shoot up drugs into your system and destroy yourself with no benefit besides wasting time on what you can achieve better and for longer as a natural.

2. Also steroids are for those who truly want to be the best bodybuilder ever where it is virtually impossible to be highly competitive in bodybuilding and make a living and go down as the best where the competition is using a dangerous amount of drugs

3. The genetic reaction to drugs is what makes you a winner. You might be good naturally and still not have a good genetic reaction to drugs.

4. Other strength sports and other sports you can be elite even as a natural. But there will always be someone at the top of their game and genetics on drugs who are more impressive and will take the record and fame so if you want to take drugs for that then go for it.

5. The common public don't know who is on steroids or not and think every is natural. At the end of the day people want to see what is impressive

6. If you don't have money for steroids, be prepared to do gay prostitution, porn even gay porn, or sell drugs or do any type of job as long as you make money for drugs that you need to take your physique, lift, or sport to the next level.

7. Be prepared to get sick, go to the hospital, be close to death and pass out a lot, and even get close to death or even die even faster.

8. If you have medical issues in your family like heart issues and diabetes, it will come much faster.

9. They are terrible drugs for the mind if you suffer from terrible mental health issues and have severe anger problems. It will give you mental pain and turmoil and also make you a violent psychopath.

To end this if you read all this and are willing to accept all the risk that you truly want this to be your life and you have little to no regrets at the end, then take steroids and be careful and do your research and cycle accordingly and mind yourself when you find that you don't have the mental temperament or are having bad physical health. Also don't be afraid to get help and even go to other sources of friendly information when it comes to how to train or other people you can trust on how to cycle steroids and other PEDs that want you not only to succeed but look after your best interest and genuinely care about you.

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