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Once You Fully Love Yourself, That is the Ultimate Freedom

Being unapologetically yourself is all you can do. Be considerate of others but still be yourself and express yourself without being a prisoner. It took me until I turned 27 years old to realize that. Slowly getting better overtime. I was myself but I cared about what others thought because I didn't want to be harassed and I always let some of the negative things said about me or negative treatments from other people make me feel like I was worthless. I even made my own failures outside of lifting make me feel like a failure and a combination of my failures and being treated like shit for no reason without people knowing me gave me very low self esteem and low confidence.

After I turned 27 and my family had a very big heart to heart about what I felt most of my life my perspective was changing little by little. Nowadays I truly value my opinion first and foremost without listening to negative opinions about me by others. I learned to truly not hate myself outside of lifting. I knew all the time I had very good attributes but I thought only few people saw the good in me. I realized no matter what some people like you some don't not everyone will like or understand you.

I am 29 now and its getting better. It always gets better if you don't give up. You will have low times and struggle but that is God testing you and if you stick it out and work on yourself the end is going to be heaven on earth and all you do will pay off.

Society especially nowadays has a very bad concept of love and relationships. It almost doesn't exist anymore but it is out there. Love is the most worth it out of life. Finding love whether it lasts until the end or you have many girls over the years. Just experiencing love altogether is what we all want the most and is the best feeling in life. If not love from a woman or partner. Love from a passion or family member or friend or favorite activity.

There are times you will not be happy or times where you have self hate. This is where you will make bad decisions. Either harm others or yourself verbally, physically, or emotionally. It gets better over the years if you improve and don't give up. If you seek help if you let it or get a better support system overtime who truly loves you regardless and not only on condition or status. Those are the wrong reasons and separate from those people ultimately and don't keep them too close. If it is to make money or business, networking, or entertainment, then do what you have to do.

Anyway never stop being yourself. Stay true to your values. Don't let evil people and insecure people make you have malice and take that out on others especially others who don't deserve it or did nothing to you just because you see them as weaker. If you truly don't like yourself and get abused or something bad happened to you then get help. Or go to therapy and find a passion to cope. You will feel terrible because of PTSD which is going to make it hell on earth. But hang on. Also if you have someone good in your life hang on to them and appreciate them because there will be a day that you will no longer have them in your life anymore. This is how I am going to end this article. God Bless.

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