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Musclemen Are Abusive Jerks For Looking Good, Hot Women Are Airheads, Lamborghini World Are Douches

People thinking the shirtless man who looks good is a douche, the guy driving a Lamborghini is a prick, the hot woman is an airhead.

It's true in some cases actually. Some are the opposite of the stereotype and actually are down to earth and not wicked people.

I don't know much about the Lamborghini world I don't talk to many of them or see those not actual jerks they are probably out there.

There are people in every niche or industry who are nice and break the stereotype.

In fact if you go to a Lamborghini place or a place that you don't only see in the media or close your mind to you will see your preconceived notions are wrong.

You will meet friendly down to earth Lamborghini people.

Anyway I'm not part of that world I'll end it there go into that world yourself and do research before you go there and be humble.

Many lifters are jerks unless you are actually strong with some being nice and not elitist.

Many lifters are verbally abusive and emotionally manipulative towards their woman. Even to the extent they beat their woman or at times sexually abuse them.

However there are male lifters who are not elitist or violent who actually treat those with respect who they see as less.

However sometimes these underachieving men can be so disrespectful eventually and treat your kindness as weakness because they expect you to slap them.

This is not just a lifter thing this is what men do to women in general.

When a nice guy or guy who treats women well comes along they are seen as weak by their woman or their lady friends and the woman starts treating you like garbage or cheats on you.

Many good looking women actually are not airheads.

There are women who make other women out there look heartless and crazy.

While men make other men look abusive and toxic and callous.

When an actual nice and good guy comes along they get seen as wimps and get stepped on by both said toxic men and so called friends and these same women.

God forbid you take off your shirt or post pictures looking good both men and women or showing your lifts you are proud of and worked hard for. Without being condemned and bad mouthed for doing better than them.

"Oh you are a tool for recording yourself." or "You are a douchebag (for looking better than I do)."

People hate success and even their own friends and family doing better than them. They will even like someone who sucks or hire someone less qualified or put down you who actually knows more because they are that much jealous of you.

God forbid you drive a Lamborghini around that you went to school and had a high education and good job to afford. Work so many hours for the best car while you squandered your opportunities and wasted your youth.

"I hate the rich they work so hard and act so perfect while I work hard too they never struggle."

Any other excuses why someone is doing better or looking better than you shove it.

These are stereotypes made by those who are less than they are to cope with why they suck and don't have what they have.

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