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Muscleheads Are Unintelligent & Love to Show Off How Strong They Are

But... but we are a bunch of unintelligent meatheads who lift to show off...

Unintelligent? Almost no. A lot just shifted most of their intelligence to lifting weights and nutrition at a high level more than the common PhD geek in that field. Also many are well spoken and have work ethic and use that same lifting intelligence for other things. Plus if lifters are truly unintelligent why does almost 100% of the world not have strength or muscle? Because it's that easy to achieve right?

Show off? Not ever.

Anger or douchebag? A good amount of them actually but some are nice.

Insecure? Many of them but not only lifters are Insecure.

Most people ever are Insecure in general and hating a lifter for having muscle and being strong is due to insecurities of not having muscle and being weak.

The agenda and the notions of a serious lifter debunked: 1. Am I just lifting to show off? Most these big muscleheads who lift a lot of weight and have big muscles and grunt at the gym are just show offs right? That is far from true. In my case and I believe most serious lifters will agree that we have no intentions of showing off to the crowd or impressing everyone at the gym. We do it for ourselves for the most part. Mainly either to achieve the physique we want or lift weight we have dreamed of lifting that we used to think was impossible for us to do when a few people did it. I personally lift for the fact that I like seeing my body change physically and I also mainly am that guy that wants to lift weights that I dreamed of lifting before and thought that would never be me. I personally never thought I would be as big and strong as I am today and there is still a lot more work to be done. Plus I need to compete. Not just that, like myself, most guys lift either for a sport, because of a sport, or they are compensating for something, or survival, or they had an experience and demons that give them a lot of anger that lifting weights is a healthy outlet for their aggression. Or just to stay healthy. I am all of those guys. Plus I don't even talk about lifting or my lifts to people who aren't serious lifters unless it is brought up. I talk lifting to serious lifters because it is the same field we enjoy and it is just a professional topic of conversation. Other people I talk about it when it is brought up or if it fits the topic. But mainly if it's brought up. And I don't even tell people my lifts either unless I am asked. Not that my lifts are very impressive or I have a resume. I am no jellyfish either. 2. If I am not lifting to show off or be a douche then why so many videos of my lifts and posts about lifting? Main reason is that it is my passion. It keeps me going. I am grateful for the people I have in my life but lifting is the one activity that forms my identity. It gives me a routine, disciplined lifestyle. It instills all the values my parents taught me about hard work and being smart. It also makes me a little more social otherwise I'd never come out of my house. I am an introvert by nature and keep to myself and would only speak if I have the need to say something worth saying. Or at least without sounding too stupid because at times I just would not know what to say which is why I prefer keeping silent when I have to. But anyway the videos I post is to also motivate. And show a big part of my life to the public. To keep track of my progress so I can see how I get better or what I can do to get better. To motivate those if I do to change their life for the better even if it is not lifting or to motivate them to train or do work when they don't feel it. I too have days where I don't feel like doing anything. There are days where I just want to lay down. These videos along with other videos and the eye of the prize gets me out of that state to just do something. 3. If that is the case, why do you scream when you lift and slam the weights? I just do it because I lift out of aggression and I mainly scream to psyche myself up. If I don't scream I won't be motivated to do the set or complete the set. I would just be lazy and I would just give up. I need every mental trick out there to do the workout. I slam the weights because I am an angry person. Can't you tell? >:0 4. The list goes on..... But I will end it. 5. Just wanted to make it to 5.

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