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Muscle & Strength Doesn't Equal Respect

You don't have to have muscle or strength as a man to deserve respect.

This is what I don't like about the lifting community. The hierarchy over a number or amount of muscle.

Take it as an accomplishment, not as a right of human decency.

You have to want to exercise and it shouldn't be imposed on anyone.

Exercise and movement is important for health and not getting injuries from being sedentary.

Too much exercise and pushing to the limit is what makes people earn respect, followers, and is ultimately self destructive because there is a cost to greatness.

A balanced and healthy diet is the best medicine of them all. Especially if you don't do other bad habits that will get you sick like steroids, drugs, alcohol, etc.

Of course going to a doctor with terminal illness which happens to a lot of us regardless of how well we take care of external forces we can control helps more than a healthy diet and exercise but even that can still go wrong.

Especially if you don't exercise and keep healthy eating to begin with.

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