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Mean People Need to Be Bullied Into Being Kind & You Have To Have Internal Drive to Be Great

Ideally there should not be bullies. One should not ever bully someone else that is never acceptable. I only believe the ones who should be bullied are those who were bullies themselves as with time they will get kindness in their hearts and treat people with respect. Up to high school I was not a bully at all but there were some kids I was not nice to though I was nice to almost everyone. Until I got severely bullied in high school and some college I became more and more compassionate. Not to say I could still be a pain sometimes due to human nature and peer pressure gets the best of me to be a punk around certain people doing certain things which is why the company you keep matters or depends on what you do with certain people. Sometimes also it can be in good fun but it doesn't necessarily make it right. I was not necessarily bullied that much except a few people but mistreated and talked down to by many. Nice people and people who respect and help others don't deserve to be bullied. If you need help getting better being bullied is not the solution. What is the solution is truly finding what you want to do and having the internal drive to get great or better at it. Not motivation. To get great you have to obsess and think about the thing you want to get better at everyday and do it not from motivation but because you want to. Mean people should be bullied into being nice. Being bullied shouldn't be the driving factor of wanting success, truly wanting to do it deep in your gut should be the driving factor. However most of the time being bullied is the driving factor to go after certain things and it works out for the best especially if it improves your quality of life or makes you a good person.

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