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John Cena WWE Rapper Gimmick Made Him A Mega Star

I love the jerseys, hats, and oversized shorts and sneakers.

Plus he had the arms and shoulders for the jerseys, the neck, the facial aesthetics and hairstyle, and calves for the oversized Jean shorts.

The chain lock and g unit like medallion after his wrestlemania win when he promoted his album was fresh.

Not to mention his entrance had so much swag.

Not anymore but he's also 45 and hip hop is wack now and they dress like fruits. His raps especially his 2002 and 2003 raps were the funniest.

I didn't care for how he talked he just talked as a wigger which was his gimmick but it was funny sometimes.

John Cena was legitimately a kid from the late 80s and early 90s who grew up loving hip hop. In a suburb small town of West Newbury, MA.

Hip hop was in its infancy and not mainstream.

As a pre teen, John Cena dressed like Kriss Kross.

John Cena used to be beat up in groups for the way he dressed like a hip hopper as a white guy in a town that didn't embrace hip hop.

John Cena started lifting weights and built massive muscle people left him alone.

John Cena even took a picture with 2pac.

John Cena as he got older listened to some hip hop but mostly heavy metal and other music not exclusively hip hop.

John during his rapper gimmick was making his own promos and writing his own freestyles during the time he did his gimmick.

John still can freestyle off the top of his head and does it around fans, on the radio, and on television.

Even when John is no longer in his rapper gimmick anymore when he was young. The ability and skill is still there.

When he got drafted to raw from 2005 to the pg era 2009 and even nowadays he's even better on the mic even not talking hood. It was Stephanie idea because John was going to get fired for having a default character and bored the fans.

He rapped on the bus with rikishi and Rey mysterio and then John spazzed out on the mic with skill and bars.

Then Stephanie heard it and told him to rap about a can of tuna and John killed it off The Dome.

Then Stephanie said do this on smackdown and this revived his career.

Cena gimmick was a heel as a Rapper but ratings skyrocket and people were cheering and he was the most over and people loved him so Vince made him the face of the company early which was supposed to be Randy Orton.

Hip Hop was at the height of its popularity in the early 2000s.

Since then hip hop has declined both skill and popularity and lost its touch and edge.

Cena did his gimmick at the right time. He is old now so nobody wants to see an old white man act gangster.

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