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Jimmy Kolb's Equipped Bench Press is The Heaviest Powerlifting Competition Lift in the History

1400lb Equipped Bench Press. First 1400lb static lift in the history of strength sports in competition.

Heaviest squat in the history of strength sports is a little over 1300lbs in multiply by Brian Carroll.

1080lbs raw in sleeves by Ray Williams.

Heaviest deadlift is 1105lbs by Hafthor Bjornsson aka Mountain on Game of Thrones.

Heaviest Raw Deadlift is 1075lbs by Dan Grigsby Sumo and raw conventional 1015lbs by Benedikt Magnusson.

Jimmy Kolb just did the Heaviest bench press or powerlift in the history of the sport of powerlifting and it is more weight than both the Deadlift and the squat. Yes the 1400lb Bench Press is equipped but to even hold 1400lbs and move it the amount of wrist and tendon strength and intra abdominal pressure it takes to be under such a weight is baffling. Jimmy Kolb Bench pressed 675lbs Raw which is 7 45lb plates a side and had the potential to do mid 700s raw but Jimmy's goal is to push the equipped Bench Press to as high as possible. We might even see 1500lbs soon. Maybe with new Bench shirts and more freaks a 2000lb equipped Bench which is just crazy for a single lift. A 2000lb raw total in the big 3 is known to be considered very strong entry level for an elite powerlifter.

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