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Jesse Marunde (R.I.P.) World's Strongest Man Finalist 20 Rep Squat Tribute

8 years ago today. I attempted a 20 rep squat in memory of World's Strongest Man competitor Jesse Marunde. I watched Jesse Marunde in 2006 World's Strongest Man. I was almost 15 as a 9th grader in high school. I also did my research my early high school years and some university years. On training. Even had a training log with occasional videos if I had camera access before I got the phone at the time to record my progress and take photos. I looked up Captain of Crush Grippers when I found out they were the best grippers to get for big forearms and a strong grip. They were called the Golden Standard of Grippers.

I looked up strength standards and what the strongest gripper is for Captain of Crush is. Captain of Crush it turned out that if you closed the number 3 gripper you get certified for it. There were over a hundred certified for the number 3 gripper and Jesse Marunde was one of them.

Jesse Marunde was the first ever teenager to close the number 3 Captain of Crush gripper at the age of 18.

To put things in perspective I got up to the 2.5 gripper for reps in months at 18 years old. All Time best wad 2.5 for 18 reps straight one hand. Never made it to the number 3 gripper.

3.5 gripper was the second hardest gripper. The number 4 gripper had 5 people at the time of 2006 or 2007 close it and Magnus Samuelsson was one of them. Magnus Samuelsson had the world's strongest arms they said and he put out a DVD. I believe he broke Nathan Jones arm for arm Wrestling. Nathan Jones went on to WWE for a short time then acting.

Jesse Marunde passed away I believe 2007 at I think 28 years old. I think he made it to the World's Strongest Man finals in 2006. Jesse Marunde did a workout and he just collapsed at the end and never woke up. Phil Pfister won 2006 World's Strongest Man. And claimed natty lol. He didn't look extremely jacked but still like a somewhat steroid user but you don't win those titles and have that strength naturally. I don't remember his training videos though. Phil Pfister disappeared off the face of the earth since then.

I hit 350lbs for 19 reps couldn't get rep 20.

Jesse Marunde at the time YouTube started around 2006 or 2007 did a 407lbs or 185kg Squat for 20 reps which is why we do the 20 rep squat challenge to honor Jesse Marunde at the time. Like many people before us unless they were the best of all time they get forgotten. Almost no strongman today who got into the sport late know who Jesse Marunde is. Or even Phil Pfister. Even the strongman I go to gyms in person with. I doubt the Jesse Marunde 20 rep squat tribute continued.

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