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Jeremy Meeks vs Elliott Rodger: A Case Study of Two Handsome Men Seen In An Opposite Way By Women

If you don't get women before lifting. Chances are the women you don't still get after improving your physique is because your confidence and talking to girls skills are low. Coupled with not starting with lower looks or lower expectation women. I personally don't think people should go for women they are not into for a number. However it helps when you go for them to level up your confidence to talk to women or practice bed room skills.

Looks matter definitely. Looks alone will get you some but not without a mouthpiece and personality. Or if you don't literally make attempt. Or if you don't go beyond your standards. Elliott Rodger had the Looks. But he had Asperger's, no social skills and a complete incel. He came across as a creep. So he went ballistic because he was so retarded he had no skills to develop regardless of Looks. That's an extreme case.

However many can be excuses that put limitations on others particularly with black pill. Yes genetics and looks are mostly what it comes down to. But you are not destined to be doomed. You can always get better no matter what cards you are dealt with.

If Jeremy Meeks talked and behaved like Elliot Rodger he would get no women no matter what. Unless he developed social skills and actually went for women. Made attempt without fear of rejection. Given he is already socially secure.

Elliot Rodger was cute. Like a model. Attractive. Close to a 9 looks wise. Just talked creepy. Behaved creepy. Short. A loser. If he was the opposite he'd be pulling women. Jeremy Meeks was Attractive. Model look. Had the eyes. The shaved head. Tatted. Lips. Skin complexion tan. Coupled with the mugshot giving him the bad boy persona a good amount of women are secretly wild about.

Most women would go for Jeremy Meeks over Elliot Rodgers attractiveness alone. Both different types of attractiveness. Jeremy Meeks bad boy sexy guy model attractiveness. Elliot Rodger cute model attractiveness.

Because Elloit Rodger came across as a creep. Then became a killer who killed himself. That's attractive to no woman. Elliott Rodger is the Incel God. No woman will say or find an incel who doesn't get women attractive.

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