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If You Need Motivation to Do Anything, You Will Ultimately Quit

"Motivation is in your brain, passion is in your heart. " -Ed Coan.

Words can't be any more true.

At the end of the day it's not about what you have accomplished.

There are people who are stronger than I am or I will ever be in some lifts and I guarantee don't love what they do more than I do.

That's why they say they lack motivation to train for some periods.

Or take time off due to not wanting to train or falling out of love for it.

If you need motivation to do anything you won't stick to it in the long run, won't succeed at a high level or if you do you will quit, or ultimately have regret.

No matter what strength levels I have even if I'm no longer the strength I used to be ever again the desire to train is at an all time high the longer I do this.

The longer I train the more I love the lifestyle.

If you don't have intrinsic motivation to do anything where you don't have an off switch you will not make it.

It's not about numbers. It's not about success. It's not about being the best or making progress all the time.

If you truly love what you do you will stick with it regardless and do it for as long as it takes.

Not for anyone but yourself.

Whoever is still sticking around for you based on a number or a performance or look are doing it for the wrong reasons.

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