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Hip Hop & R&B In the 90s vs Now Article 1

1997 to 1999 some of the best party hip hop and R&B music. The west coast Pac vs Biggie was G-Funk from around 1993 to 1997. After both died it mellowed out before talent exploded more and it got even more violent. Now it's about hype and being cool and almost 0 lyrical or above average musical ability which in a way that is what people are exposed to so unless you were exposed to good music or did the research it is not your fault. Also unfortunately monotony is what sells and you have to make money and if that truly is your taste that is fine. The more talented is underground and less known or made it in the past when you actually had to be good to make music but now because the standards change they go underground or adapt to today's standards and still have skill because they are smart.

Track 1: Above the Law - Kalifornia (G-Funk)

Track 2: One for the Money - Horace Brown (R&B)

Track 3: Whatever - Ideal (R&B)

Track 4: Freak Like Me - Adina Howard (R&B)

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