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Having Enough Money to Live the Life You Want Makes You Content & Also Having The Gratitude Mindset

The simple things and basics is practically what we need in life. Being alone with our gifts and who we care deeply about. Working on ourselves and also having gratitude that we are able to do what we do. It's not always easy nor do you always feel good and at times it seems like what you care about or your talents will ultimately amount to nothing. Money can buy you the ability to live a good quality of life but there are also things money can't buy especially if you have all the money in the world and nothing gives you passion. Money doesn't buy happiness. But enough money to live the life you want to live gives you a good quality of life. If you live on your own and have no family but have friends or date, you could be happy being broke if you still do what you like to do everyday. If you are too broke to do what you love you are miserable. If you are rich and still have a bad support system or don't love what you do you are also miserable. Or if everything is going well and you have past demons you haven't gotten over or truly have self hatred or mental health battles you won't be happy broke or rich. Then again sometimes you are happy sometimes you are not this is completely based on the individual. Also having a support system is what makes you happy. We are creatures of communication. We have people throughout our lives. Parents. Siblings if we have any. Teachers. Other students in school. Friends if we make any. Co workers. Significant others. If we ultimately end up alone that is because we had enough of bad relationships with other people. As long as you are still happy or at peace and find a passion that keeps you going through the day and gives you hope for the future. Also realize you will fail at your passion a lot and each failure is a lesson to get better. This is called experience. This doesn't just happen for your passion but any relationship or characteristic out there. With age and experience you develop wisdom. As far as the support system goes you don't need to be popular or friends with everyone. I used to fall in the trap of wanting to be friends with everyone like some people wanted to be popular or have many friends. As for me I just wanted people to treat me with respect, hang out with outside of school like normal kids or teenagers, or a group I felt like I belonged in. I later lived that life and realized being your own best company doing what you love and being around people who truly respect you even if it is one person beats 5 to 10 people who make you look bad and think poorly of you. In every social circle also realize there can be one person who doesn't like you and that is on them. Also realize that happiness comes and goes like any emotion. When you are happy take it and use mindfulness tactics and enjoy the blissful moment. It will not stay there forever. Take the time to enjoy being happy. And emptiness and despair also take it. It is not the favorable feeling but know it won't be forever and these are the time God tests us and almost everyone feels this normally and people feel every emotion. People just have different ways of expressing them. The bad feelings be mindful and know it is okay to feel them and don't give up and have hope as something will go right. The unfavorable feelings are when you really have to work on improvement and self improve. Anyway going to cut it here. Hope you got something out of this blog. Go out and live the life you deserve to live and God Speed.

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