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Gym Supplements Are a Scam & Only Medical Ones Work

Every supplement is a scam. Only medical ones prescribed by a doctor work like vitamins, hormones like testosterone and estrogen, growth hormone, insulin, and other actual drugs in medicine and performance enhancing drugs. Those are the real supplements that work. The supplement industry is a scam and a giant lie and the people promoting these lies whether they are bodybuilders, athletes, musicians or your favorite people who are successful or considered great sponsor stuff they don't use or necessarily work because that company makes a lot of money and it is paying their bills or for their competitions and craft by sponsoring them. Only things that work is protein powder which really you can get from a meal or use in a meal or meal replacement like a protein shake. Herbalife is not only a con because they are stealing money from people's accounts and promise riches without doing any work which that alone is a lie, the supplements don't work at all just like any other supplement. At least you know Kool Aid is sugar and processed food which sugar alone has a place for post workout, well at least that is what is considered the antidote about sugar and restoring glycogens post workout and that scientific sh*t applies if the results speak for itself. Pre workout is caffeine or stimulants which you can get from coffee as coffee is much cheaper and you know what is inside. Creatine works somewhat but you get creatine from meat and fish. Otherwise nothing is more optimal than a proper diet and especially proper training programming. If you don't know how to exercise properly and get better every workout efficiently then you won't succeed. If you don't know its okay we all start somewhere train long enough you will learn more just like everyone. Everyone good is still learning better ways to do things that is the joy of life endless learning and getting better and progression. Supplements are pixie dust, lies, scams, and waste of money. Everyone who is promoting the supplement didn't use them to get to their ability or look they are paid or sponsored by the company to pay for their contests or bills so they fool everyone to think their supplement or product helped them. Nothing substitutes working smart and a proper diet

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