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Genetics Are An Excuse

I agree people use genetics yet alone steroids as an excuse to put limits on themselves. I myself started at 14 years old 5 foot 9 inch 145lbs Bodyweight. I was painfully weak. A 95lb bench press, 135x10 squat nearly killed by 190lbs, 300lbs deadlift which was a standout lift but still enough not to budge 315lbs off the ground then be called weak for it and had someone emasculate the weight for me.

I saw all the elite powerlifters back in 2009 and up around my age who were the top guys. Eric Lilliebridge, George Leeman, Ben Seath, Chris Hickson, Pete Rubish, even other young bucks who were as strong and surpassed me and drug tested. I knew they were on steroids but didn't use that as an excuse not to hold my own.

I just focused on getting better and learned all ways of training. Did the right exercises. The compound lifts, the powerlifts, Calisthenics both Bodyweight and weighted. Even strongman, grip, I'd do Olympic Weightlifting at times but never learned the form or how to miss and now my knees and lower back can't take either.

Also did cardio and learned nutrition. Had successful bulks and cuts and actually was lean before and near shredded and leaner and stronger than I currently am pre injuries. Then I compared myself to 50 something year old Mike O'Hearn and Stan Efferding and strive to be similar to them knowing I wouldn't achieve their physique but became almost as strong more or less and jacked.

Mainly because I compared myself to those actually good and improved my standards. If you don't compare yourself to those good and also realize their progress is not your progress so you won't be disappointed if you fail, you will not feel let down you still did better than you ever have and would have done.

There is a reason why strong training partners, smart and ambitious friends, a champion team and environment makes you succeed. They bring it out of you. You learn their secrets. You step your own game up. Otherwise it's black pill will accomplish nothing loser cope mentality.

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