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Fat People Sneak Foods That Keep Them Fat and Lie To Everyone That They Mostly Eat Healthy

From Punta Cana today 2017. Chocolate delight.

This is what fat people truly eat to stay ffat. While telling others "they don't eat a thing" or "I don't eat like this." Or "I eat healthy."

Yes we have different metabolism and body types but homie you are not fooling me you eat like a pig.

At least when I'm a fat guy I'm an honest fat guy but also a sneaky fat guy who sneaks food outside to remain fat.

Below is a picture when I looked my worst. I was 27 years old in that picture yet I looked like a man out of shape in my 50s. I was strong but looked like the backside of an elephant. I was strong and still had a lot of muscle. And I had charisma so I could have still charmed a woman looking like hot garbage.

"Tobi you're so mean." Just being brutally honest and telling the truth.

No truly fat person enjoys being fat they hate it and try everything to for once in their life like how they look and be healthy.

Every kid who was fat was bullied for being fat and that stays with them when they are adults.

Its not a good thing. That's why they get abused for being fat and work on losing weight.

Giving up foods is not easy. Exercise is not easy but not as hard as giving up food for fat folk.

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