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Explosive Lifters: Tool to Super Strength

As soon as I did my warmups as explosive as possible up to my last warmup, I've been getting bench PR after bench PR.

For years bench press used to be my weakest lift. Then I became the explosive bencher in my warmups.

Even the bar, 135lbs, 185lbs, 225lbs, 275lbs, 315lbs, 365lbs even as high as 405lbs. You name it.

When those weights start to explode whatever your last warmup weight is the top set or volume will feel strong.

The same thing Pete did for deadlifts. Pete was a crazy fast deadlifter the basement days. That helped with strength.

Then we saw people like Eric Lilliebridge and Andrew Hause. Crazy fast squatters. Now both squat over 1000lbs in wraps.

Eric Lilliebridge squats with heavy weight up to 600s or 700s flying off his traps. Chris Hickson rest in peace did them with up to 585lbs like a mini behind the neck push jerk.

Very explosive lifters.

Andrew Hause had crazy hip drive in his squats often squatted 400s in sleeves, 500s to high 700s in wraps with crazy speed with the hip drive and extra wide stance squats.

Andrew Hause also became an insanely explosive deadlifter. Explosive bencher. Explosive in general.

Also does crazy reps, voulme and workload with intensity.

Andrew Hause also battles a hip avulsion.

Chris Hickson has a crazy vertical and can dunk at over 250lbs. Crazy OHP with legs. He even was able to jump from the driveway in his house to the top floor in high school. Haven't seen it before. A flippin kangaroo.

Larry Wheels very explosive at all lifts with crazy rep capacity and work ethic. I still haven't seen a faster 725lbs last warmup before his 900lbs Conventional Deadlift PR at 23 years old before he got known.

Larry Wheels crazy bench speed.

I used to have crazy deadlift and even sometimes squat explosiveness but my knees are broken both knees so I barely have leg drive.

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