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Discipline = Internal Drive of Doing What's Necessary that You Don't Hate But Don't Love

If you truly hate doing something, it won't be long until you ultimately quit and you will NEVER be successful at it or you will only be successful for the short term. Discipline is doing something you don't prefer doing or doing something else that you rather not do but know you have to do because it is necessary and will make you successful or fulfilled. And the best way to have the discipline besides truly in your gut wanting it more and having the internal drive to want to develop the discipline and habits and to do that it will take time and you have to be willing to spend however long it takes to find the methods you will develop discipline in a certain field or area of life. Either have someone help you or find any way or source you can to develop discipline and actually live these habits and trial and error throughout the years then as you grow older, have better role models, want to do something, develop a smart way of doing something that's necessary that you will not hate but not like or love but will stick to because it's necessary, then you will know what it's like to be disciplined.

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