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Bullies Get Punished Eventually & Those Who Got Bullied Find Your Gift to No Longer Be Bullied

Updated: Feb 27

Bullies are a product of self hatred or a product of abuse. So you take it out on someone you see weaker or different than you or take it out on someone who has what you don't have because you want it and are jealous or don't want to see others succeed. One may not necessarily be a bully. But almost 100 percent of the time with the wrong people, talking to the wrong people, hanging around the long people long enough, you will adopt a bullying behavior where you partake in the bullying with your social circle or you bully someone yourself because you don't agree or like the person or see them as weak or jealous of what they have. They also do this out of fear in the social circles. Fear that they will be bullied. Fear that they will be considered a buzzkill. Fear that they won't be listened to if they tell them not to bully or abuse someone.

What happens to bullies ultimately?

  1. They Get Beat Up

  2. They Go To Jail

  3. They Live a Bad Quality of Life

  4. They Don't Achieve Their Major Goal

  5. They Die

  6. They Become Humble When They Find Out They Weren't Better Than Everyone

  7. They No Longer Become Bullies and Become Nice

  8. This is because they were bullied or because a catastrophic event happened in their life that changed their bad behavior

Everyone in their life has been bullied or treated unfairly at some point of their lives. Some more than others. Some didn't do anything to deserve it and they are victims. Some is a few differences and miscommunication that causes disdain. Some people are just jerks and have a personality disorder and emotional disorder and didn't have good parents, good role models, or a good social circle. Others bully because it's bullied or be bullied to survive in school or whatever place. Maybe harsh living conditions you are born into or mental conditions you are born with molds your behavior whether positive or negative. After all life is about Machiavellian Principle, Darwinism in other words survival of the fittest. You don't want to be a victim of a violent crime or attack so you want to get yours before they get theirs. Not the way to go. You want to uplift each other and make the world a more peaceful place and a better society.

If you are tired of being bullied and your life is a living hell because of it, then keep reading the rest of this blog. There is no solution to bullying as people will always mistreat you or talk poorly as you cannot control negative people. However you can have more people nicer to you. This is what you do:

  1. Find Your Passion

  2. Work Relentlessly on Your Passion for as Many Years as Possible

  3. You Will Fail Many Times on Your Passion But Learn Everytime and Get Better

  4. The Better You Get the More People Treat You With Respect and People Who Disrespected You Before Will Respect You.

  5. I am Saying this Because it Happened to Me and I See it Happen to Everyone. After all Respect is Earned

5. Rid Your Insecurities and Don't Be Mean to Others

a. Unless people are mean to you it's justified but be the bigger person. We are human after all.

6. Don't Bully People Because You Were Bullied

a. Repeating the cycle is cowardice and if you are traumatized get help.

7. Use Your Gift to Make Money

8. Do What is Necessary and Important For Whatever Responsibility

9. Improve on Your Weaknesses

10. Develop Discipline Strategies

11. Work on Mental Health and Peace of Mind Tactics

Nothing comes easy and nobody has it all. Have gratitude for what you do have and who you have in life. People come and go. Some people come back. Life will come to an end. The people you love will no longer be there so appreciate them and spend as much time with them until they go. Hope you enjoyed this article. God Bless You All.

- Tobi Alder

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