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Best Advice for Starting a New Lifestyle or Goal

Best advice to give anyone starting to workout or develop a new habit or lifestyle:

The first step is just to start. Once you begin you already are making an effort.

Next step is to find a system you enjoy that you will be consistent and develop all ways of learning.

This will get better the longer you stay doing something.

Also have to develop that internal drive to want to do it to the extent it's what you look forward to do.

This is your why that will keep you doing anything and you have to find out yourself.

I can say more but this is the basics and the best advice I can give anyone looking to start working out or develop a new habit or lifestyle.

The last thing I can say which I myself am working on is taking that same drive into one aspect you truly care about and use that to succeed in anything else you are doing.

If this was the case we can do it all but we can do more than we give ourselves credit for.

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