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Ashton Rouska Natty or Not: A Genetic Anomaly & There Will Be People Better Out There

My Case For Ashton Being Natural:

1. Genetic Freak regardless of status 2. Multi Talented Individual 3. Highly Intelligent 4. Work ethic and great coach 5. Internal drive 6. Started young and was even great at a young age for his age 7. Same genetics strength wise as SSJBobb his main rival along with Rhondel Hunte but better physique genetics than both. We will see more Ashton Rouskas and even better as the sport grows natty or not. Even more Larry Wheels, Ronnie Coleman, Eric Lilliebridge. I have been watching Ashton since the Facebook powerlifting days in 2015. When everyone started to know who he was. That time Ashton was 17 years old and deadlifted 700lbs in the 83kg Weight Class being virtually all muscle. Ashton also squatted about 560lbs Raw and benched about 360lbs. Everyone said steroids. Peyton Cox who was also natty and had the highest natty sleeved teenage total at the time at 17 said Ashton was natty. I believed it. Also at that time I squatted 560lbs Raw ass to grass and sleeveless and deadlift 700lbs beltless as a junior lifter. I didn't have the best program or a good coach either nor did I ever think I had the best genetics. I saw people like Ashton and said he has better genetics than me and my lifts weren't too far off. Plus Ashton looked like some kids who played football in my high school physique wise. The difference is the football kids didn't lift year round nor cared about lifting so Ashton got better though some if their squats and bench press were close. If they cared as much as Ashton did they would have rivaled Ashton. They were natural too with almost few who juiced. But the good ones especially were black freak natties. Just didn't care and were incredibly stupid. Ashton is an outlier and made slow and steady progress. His progress is even slowing down. Plus early Ashton was jacked and strong. One guy in a comment of my old Ashton Rouska natty and not video said he went to school with Ashton and Ashton squatted 400lbs high bar atg sleeveless at around 130lbs ish Bodyweight at a short time as a 14 or 15 year old. If that's not genetics I don't know what is. Outliers. Say he isn't natty. He would not be on a crazy dose because he would get caught if he truly went all out. Plus natty or not natty almost nobody will ever be in Ashton's level. We will see more people surpass Ashton with the increase in talent pool and information and are seeing that already.

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