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About Tobi Strength

My name is Tobi Alder. I am a competitive powerlifter and strength athlete. I have achieved a lot of strength on every exercise for more than 10 years and have coached others along the way. I also broken some records during this time. As a powerlifter and strength athlete, I have acquired a lot of muscle mass and a muscluar physique. It has been my great pleasure to have helped and continue to help transform my clients to achieve their goals. Tobi Strength can help you achieve your goals whether it is strength, muscle building, weight loss, powerlifting, calisthenics, or general fitness. My years and experience back up my knowledge and credentials. Welcome to Tobi Strength!

The Strongest and Leanest Version of Tobi:
-6 foot 250lbs Natural
-Superhuman Feats of Strength
-Aesthetic Physique

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Build Muscle and Strength

Get the body you are happy with and live a better quality of life

Upper Body Custom Program

-Powerlifting/Bodybuilding Exercises and Its Variations

-Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Decline Bench Press, Shoulder Press Standing or Seated all Barbell, Dumbbell,  speciality bar or Machine

-Rows either barbell, dumbbell, speciality bar, machine

-Arm Workouts bicep curls, triceps, forearms, chest, etc

-Isolation Bodybuilding Type Exercises and circuits

-Bodybuilding workouts

-forearms and grip training

-Big Traps workout

-Calisthenics Exercises and its Variations

-Pushups and its Variations both bodyweight or weighted

-Dips both bodyweight and weighted

-Pullups or chinups both bodyweight or weighted

-Bodyweight Skill Progressions

-Planche Pushup Training

-Front Lever Pullup Training

-Wall Handstand Pushup Training

-Bodybuilding through Calisthenics

-Strength Increase through Calisthenics

-Increase Calisthenics Reps

-Fat loss through calisthenics

-Nutrition comes with the plan both for adding muscle, gaining strength, or losing fat

-Nutrition based on what you want to eat or what you are able to eat, recipes included

Lower Body (Legs) Custom Program

-Powerlifting/Bodybuilding Exercises and Its Variations

-Barbell Back Squat High Bar, Low Bar, Speciality Bar

-Barbell Front Squat or Speciality Bar

-Hip Belt Squat, Hack Squat, Smith Machine Squat, Leg Press, any machine

-Leg Extension and Leg Curl Machines

-Calf Raise Workouts

-Conventional Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift, Snatch Grip Deadlift, Deficit Deadlift, Romanian Deadlift

-Dumbbell Romainian Deadlift

-Good Mornings Seated or Standing Speciality Bar or Barbell

-Hyperextensions Barbell or bodyweight

-Reverse Hyperextenstions

-Lunges or Bulgarian Split Squats Bodyweight, Dumbbell or Barbell

-Glute Ham Raises or Nordic Curl Progressions

-Pistol Squat progressions bodyweight or weighted

-Box Squats

-Squats and Deadlift Variations with bands or chains for accomadating resistance

-Speed work

-Nutrition comes with the plan both for adding muscle, gaining strength, or losing fat

-Nutrition based on what you want to eat or what you are able to eat, recipes included

-Programming cheat meals and eating what you want also with making healthy foods taste good

Full Body Custom Program

-Both upper body and lower body plans combined for a better price deal

-Custom Nutrition included in the price for muscle growth, strength gains, fat loss

-Nutrition based on what you want to eat or what you are able to eat, recipes included

-Programming cheat meals and eating what you want also making healthy foods taste good

My Online Coaching Programs
Email for inquiries:


I first started working with Tobi after seeing him in a powerlifting meet and thinking how impressive his numbers were, and how I needed help breaking through my 2 year plateau on all my lifts. He assured me he could help me progress past where I was, and even improve my physique. We worked diligently together over 6 months to help me get past my sticking points, improve my overall size, strength, endurance, and explosiveness/control of weights, as well as introduced new movements and variations to my training.
During that time he constantly checked in to see how things were going and how I felt after each week. I definitely couldn’t have made the progress I did without him. I hit volume PR’s in all my lifts pretty much weekly and increased 1RM’s by almost 20 lbs for each lift in both Barbell and Calisthenic movements. He is an extremely knowledgeable and caring coach who pushes you past your limits and I really enjoyed working with him. Still not sure? Check out these videos of my progress along the way! 
405x12 Conventional 
315x25 Sumo 
440x8 Conventional 
350x20ish Sumo 
475x5 Conventional 
385x15 Sumo 
285x20 High Bar 
495x1 PR
-Alex C

Nick went from a 435lb Deadlift to a 500lb Deadlift in 13 weeks. Finally broke the 500lb Deadlift Club!

Training under the guidance of Tobi was an amazing experience. First off, I experienced rapid strength gains as if I was a beginner (which I was not). These strength gains came from persistent, well planned, simple, yet extremely effective training methods. My deadlift had gone from 435-515, my squat had gone up 405-440, and bench had gone up 225-245 all in a matter of one summer of dedication. Tobi always being available for advice, well thought out programming, and training under him while he had had accomplished all of these goals effectively and safely in the past, made the road of progress so much better.

Karl went from 500lbs x 2 reps Deadlift to 585lbs x 1 rep Deadlift in less than 4 weeks!

Noah went from a 85kg/187lb x 1 rep Bench Press to 85kg/187lb x 5 reps Bench Press in 6 weeks!

Duncan went from a 80kg/176lb x 10 reps Bench Press to 82.5kg/181lb x 10 reps Bench Press in 3 weeks!

I was plateued on bench for about a year, within a month of training with Tobi I hit a PR (personal record) adding 2 reps to my bench and since then I haven't plateaued at all.

Josh went from 250lb 
Bench Press to 275lb Bench Press in 4 weeks!


My 40 year old client started working with me November 2016 to add some back muscle for the off season of classic physique bodybuilding. He started at 200lbs Bodyweight (left picture). At the end of January 2017, he became 215lbs Bodyweight and added 15lbs of muscle especially on his back like we planned in a span of 3 months. When my client saw how much his back grew from when we first started his expectations were exceeded as in he gained more than he thought he did. Even pro bodybuilders who are of older age make progress of my training programming.

More Testimonials

Squats always had a mental block for me but with your help I progressed in some way every week. Started off with 90kg for a single set of 5 reps and that was it, with your help I got up to 90kg for 3 sets of 10 reps and feel like I could've had some extra reps. If circumstances hadn't changed I wouldn't have been surprised if I repping 120kg plus with the rate I was adding weight, and all this was done using a barbell and plates.

James C.

Client Kristian
Went From
13 reps Pullups
27 reps Pullups
in 3 Months

My client Duncan hit a 55kg/121lb Weighted Pushup for a 20kg/44lb Personal Best.

Name, Title

My client Derek hit a 250lb Front Squat at 147lbs Bodyweight. Derek entered the 250lb club on front squats and hit near 2x bodyweight in the short time we trained front squats.

My client Duncan hit a 120kg/264lb Bench Press for a 10kg/22lb Personal Best. 

My client Derek hit a 135lb Weighted Pullup for 2 reps at 165lbs bodyweight. So 300lbs total weight for 2 reps.

8 months ago Derek hit a 135lb Weighted Pullup for 1 rep at 143lbs bodyweight.

Derek added 1 rep and 22lbs to his weighted pullup max.

My client Leo hit a 210kg/462lb Trap Bar Deadlift off few inch blocks. He did 468lbs right after but didn't record it.

Leo has been working with me for 10 weeks and before working with me Leo's best Trap Bar Deadlift was 110kg/242lbs for 8 reps.

Leo also did a burnout set no video of 110kg/242lbs for 20 reps for a massive rep PR.

Leo has added practically 70kg/150lbs to his Trap Bar Deadlift in 10 weeks and he hasn't even peaked.

My client Duncan hit a 120kg/264lb Bent Over Barbell Row for 5 reps to add 10kg/22lbs to his old 5 rep max.

My client Kristian went from a 30kg/66lb Weighted Pullup to a 60kg/132lb Weighted Pullup in 3 months. He even did his easiest ever 60kg/132lb Weighted Dip right after.

My client Duncan hit a 200kg/440lb Deadlift for a 40kg/88lb all time Personal Best. He had more in the tank too.

My client Rob went from a 405lb Deadlift for 1 rep to a 405lb Deadlift for 7 reps in 18 weeks. 

Rob did his old one rep max for a set of 7 reps. His one rep max turned into a 7 rep max.

My client Kristian hit a 200kg/440lb Deadlift for a 30kg/66lb all time Personal Best. He hasn't even peaked yet.

My client Rob hit a 100lb Standing Strict Overhead Press for 13 reps for an all time Personal Record.

His old personal best before working with me was 95lbs for 5 reps.


Gabe added 10lbs of mostly muscle in 6 weeks. Drastic changes in his upper body alone.

Most Underrated Natural You’ve Never Heard Of: Tobi Alder

From Geek to Freak: Lifetime Dedication to Superhuman Strength and Muscle Naturally

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